Your home is unique and we custom tailor our treatments for your needs.
However here are some of our basic treatment procedures and warranties.

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A popular program for your pest control needs. The program consists of a custom tailored treatment usually done on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. This will provide pest protection year round. Call for further information and a free estimate.

We treat crawl space (under your home); the attic area; the exterior wall voids; kitchen, bath, and utility areas are given special attention; and the exterior of your home - under the eaves, around the doors and windows and 8-10 feet out into the bark dust, and lawn areas. This treatment comes with a 30 day no-nonsense warranty; extended warranty's are available (see above). If you think you may have Carpenter Ants, then please click here for DETAILED information about this very prevalent pest.

TThis treatment is similar to the above treatment except that the wall voids are generally not treated. Our basic treatment comes with a 30 day no nonsense warranty, and extended warranties are available.

Typically kitchen, pantry and related areas are treated however due to the wide variety of roaches and different situations this treatment is tailored to your needs. The treatment comes with with a 90 day no nonsense warranty with extended warranites available. Please call our office for further information and a free estimate.

Typically an application is made to all the carpeted areas of the home and sometimes also includes treating the back, sides and bottoms of upholstered furniture cush as sofas, chairs, beds, etc... We will treat the exterior perimeter of your home also. This treatment comes with a 6 month no-nonsense warranty with extended warranites available.

This is a specialized treatment. Please call our office for free estimates and inspections.

~ For Further Information; on general pests (pantry pests, spiders, box elder beetles, etc.) please see our "Bug Menu" on the left side of this page, or call the Bug Buster office for free Information, Advice and Estimates.

~ Treatment materials: Lakeside Termite and Pest Control only uses EPA registered products - further information about individual products is available (M.S.D.S. & Specimen Labels are available upon request) Please contact us.