- Bizarre & Helpful links -

  • Pest Web.com:
    If you're looking for more factual information, this is the link for you! This site is run by Van Water & Rogers, one of the largest Chemical suppliers in the US.
  • PCTonline.com:
    This is a Trade Journal (magazines) that services the Pest Control Industry
  • www.pcoc.org
    Pest Control Operators of California - The name says it all.
  • Insects.org
    Very informative site apparently run by a couple from Hawaii, this site aims to help you really see insects for the miniature marvels they really are !!!
  • FlyPower.com
    The only site on the Internet totally devoted to the intricacies and pursuit of fly powered avionics...
  • Seasonal Helpful Tips:
    If you wish to receive seasonal helpful information or tips about pests and pest control please submit your email address or fax number in the form below.